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Because I had a complete hip replacement and was unable to do the things I love the most i.e.; trapping, hunting and fishing I saw the NEET KART at a local gun show and became immediately interested. After talking with Chuck Woods I knew I had to give the NEET KART a test drive.
I purchased the NEET KART for hunting and trapping. I once again am able to do the things I love most with this innovative tool. It truly makes walking in the woods a breeze.

I'm also a member of the local search and rescue team. With the NEET KART and the additional two handles we can transport, rescue, and bring in medical supplies to the persons in need. It also can be used to transport the injured persons comfortably with little effort.

The NEET KART will go where an ATV or motorcycle would not attempt to go. A narrow trail or downed trees are no problem for the NEET KART.

Thank you Chuck for such a great and worthy tool.

Dan Lockman
Bonners Ferry Idaho

Heres my tale of the Kart. Last November my friend John Janik dropped his Neet Kart off at my elk camp. NO one was in camp so he left a note instructing us to give it a try.

We had just retrieved two nice bulls with my one wheel cart. It took four of us to wheel the bulls out 4 miles. The next day my partner and I killed two bulls in about three miles. We put the Neet Kart to work. Since the area we hunt is rough and steep we quartered up the elk as we had with the first two bulls. However, once we had the all 4 quarters on the Kart only one person was needed to wheel out the elk.
By the time we finished with John's Kart we hauled out 9 1/2 elk and one whitetail buck. Two elk, a yearling cow and a calf were hauled out whole. All total we wheeled meat out 25. 5 miles on the same Kart.

I ordered a Kart in mid November it came in time to haul out half of John Janik's elk (the other 1/2 was on the first Kart). Since we thoroughly broke in John's Kart I traded him. He now has the Kart you sent me. You may want to switch serial numbers for us.

The Kart was incredible, one person was able to do the work of 4. Balancing is the big trick. By quartering up the elk and carefully loading the Kart one person could easily handle the load. I wheeled out the whole yearling cow by myself also. Two people are needed on steep hills either going up or coming down.

I am a NEET KART disciple, it is a great product. 9 1/2 elk and a deer with no sign of wear. I have attached photos of one quartered up elk and deer on the kart.

Mark Petroni

Neet-Kart is the most innovative design I've ever seen. Revolutionary! It renders every cart I've ever used obsolete!

Ed Eggleston, Libby. MT

I have found Neet-Kart to be an indispensable assistant n the field. It allows me to move gear in and game out of remote or difficult areas easily and without excessive physical strain. The ‘Neet-Kart’ is a must for anyone who recreates off-road.

Virgil Smith Licensed Guide. Redding. CA

We loaded the cart with five large backpacks and cased rifles to walk four miles up a mountain logging road in pre-light conditions. The cart easily transported our gear safely and comfortably saving our backs and energy for the hunt. -

Greg Larson. Troy. MT

I have used 'Neet-Kart' during the past three Montana hunting seasons. The cart easily allowed me to transport three 150 pound plus elk halves on three 2-mile round trips in one day by myself. The cart when loaded is a breeze to balance and walks right over downed trees and rocks with minimal effort. On eastern Montana hunts for deer and antelope, the sealant-filled tire tubes performed in cactus and thorn country without any flats. Big game animals can be hauled cross-country faster with ..Neet Kart.’ than with a horse. I wish I had the cart 30 years ago. -

Doug Bolender. Kalispell. MT

Dear Chuck,
Greetings from the Flathead!...Just a short note (&)...long on thanks for the new Neet Kart!....SSssssOoooo COOL...I took a father and his 4 year old son out this AM...1/2 inch of fresh snow...no wind PEAK OF THE RUT!....boy were the deer moving today!...were about 2 miles back in when David James rattles and this "rutty 4 point comes sneaking/swaggering in and Dave drops him with a 40 to 50 yard shot

I bring in the cart, and after a few pics we slid the deer on the plywood sheet, I custom made for it, tie on David's day pack and believe it or not he beat me out of the woods with the buck bag and cart by 5 minutes!!!...with his kid on his back no less!!!.. Truly Amazing... if I hadn't been there I wouldn't have believed it was so easy and even easier than walking out by yourself. David offered me big bucks right then and there for my new cart but hell I am going to the Fisher River tomorrow so no way will I part with this "lucky cart" ! Will send more pics after next hunt! Celebrate Life...take a kid hunting "Its better to take your kid hunting then to go hunting for your kid

Chuck Williams Kalispell Mt.

Dear Sir,

My dad and I used the Neet Kart to haul our elk out, and found it to be very helpful. You want to make sure to get an extra set of handle bars it makes it easier for two users.

Cody Rodrigues. Kalispell Mt.





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