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Features of the Neet Kart Two Wheel Game Cart

INTRODUCTION TO NEET KART®... the unique, PATENTED, TWO-WHEEL IN-LINE GAME & MULTI-USE CART that can out perform any standard utility cart on the market today when it comes to traversing rough, difficult back country terrain.

Neet Kart ® 2-Wheel-In-Line Concept & Principle

Patent application diagram for the Neet Kart inline two-wheeled backcountry and game cart

The diagram to the right illustrates our unique design invention as presented to the U.S. Patent Office. No other cart offers this ability/flexibility.

Charles Woods, President of CW Engineered Products, had several back surgeries that eventually limited his ability to lift or carry any measurable weight. To ensure that he could continue his favorite outdoor activities, i.e., hunting, fishing, camping, etc. and being a professional welder, business owner, and professional designer/fabricator, Chuck created the NEET KART, a one of a kind invention, now registered & patented!

Hauling a big buck out of the backcountry usng the Neet Kart two wheeled game cart

Its unique, patented two-wheel in-line concept makes the NEET KART a truly "people powered ATV" in that a single person can easily guide it to go up & over logs, rocks & other obstacles as high as 16" on the narrowest of animal trails, or no trails at all depending on the terrain. This cannot readily be accomplished, if at all, with any of today's standard single wheel or two-wheel side-by-side game/ utility carts or a wheelbarrow unless there is additional help.

NEET KART is lightweight at 40 lbs, disassembles to a 6½ x 26½ x42" frame, is powder coated in hunter/emergency orange, and very friendly to the environment.

NEET KART has been used with great enthusiasm and success to pack out deer, elk, moose (half, whole & quarters), antelope (five in one load) etc, to portage a canoe, a small pontoon boat, to haul water fowl decoys, firewood, etc... and the list goes on!

Gated roads are no challenge to NEET KART, as outdoor enthusiasts can just park their vehicles (assemble NEET KART in minutes if brought along disassembled) load their respective heavy gear/packs on the cart and proceed around the gate to their hunting camp or any other recreational destination, saving energy & stamina while avoiding potential stress/injury from overloaded, top heavy backpacks. NEET KART now allows all who wish to enjoy the great outdoors to take that extra step into back country areas that earlier would have considered too difficult or remote to access.

Forest Service contractors and workers have also used NEET KART very efficiently for clearing trails and other related back country services because it allows them to bring in their chainsaws and other heavy work tools and packs with minimal efforts over frequently very rough terrain.

Another very important aspect of NEET KART'S versatility is that it has also become an extremely useful tool to EMT/Search & Rescue groups for recovering accident/injury victims from hard to reach, remote country sites where motorized vehicles are off limits. The Stokes litter secures to the cart with a single nylon ratchet strap.

Initial trials have shown that a victim can easily be transported by two people where a minimum of four and up to eight persons might otherwise be needed in off- road conditions. And, of course, NEET KART has also been used to carry emergency and rescue equipment, including mountain climbing gear that would ordinarily be carried to the accident scene in back packs weighing from 40 to 60 lbs., again saving energy and stamina the emergency personnel needs for the actual rescue operation.

In closing, it is truly noteworthy that one single NEET KART can be used for such a variety of applications without a single change in its configuration or any complex modifications.

Features of the Amazing Neet Kart

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This unique 2-wheel in-line concept, a "people-powered ATV!"


Neet Kart Photos

Compact and Easy storage...

Neet Kart folds and easily stores in the back of an SUV or behind the seat in a pick-up.
Neet Kart only wieghs about 40 pounds and folds to a very low profile.
When not in use, the Neet Kart game cart collapses for easy storage
Setting the Neet Cart up from its collapsed state is quick and easy.
The patented Neet Kart game cart takes very little space when collapsed for storage

Used by Hunters...

"Travel over the obstacles with ease"

The patented design of the Neet Kart game cart allows it to easily cross typical obstacles
With a properly balanced load, one person can maneuver the loaded Neet Kart game cart over backcountry barriers like a fallen tree
The Neet Kart two-wheeled inline game cart makes it easy to get in and out of the backcountry with your gear or deer!
Neet Kart can even help you loading your haul into your pickup.
Backcountry obstacles, small or large, are easy to negotiate with the Neet Kart backcountry game cart
One person can maneuver the unique inline two-wheeled Neet Cart with your game through the backcountry
Neet Kart can handle backcountry terrain that would stop other game carts dead.
Cart your buck down hills, through trees, and across streams with the Neet Kart backcountry game cart
Trophy elk and deer come out of the back country with ease with the Neet Kart collapsible game cart!
Haul your big buck out of the back country with the patented Neet Kart big game cart.

Going Camping!

"Carrying your gear is made easy"

Neet Kart backcountry game cart easily navgates gates and other obstacles with your hunting or caming gear.
Neet Kart's patented two-wheel inline design makes navigating narrow backcountry trails easy
Get your canoe, kayak, cataraft, or other small boat to the water easily with the Neet Kart backcountry game cart
Easily move all your camping gear in and out of the backcountry with the patented Neet Kart
coolers, packs, sleepingbags, and bedrolls all easily fit on the Neet Kart patented game cart

Used by EMS professionals...

Search and rescue teams use Neet Kart to haul supplies in and to bring injured people out of the back country
Neet Kart is an indespinsible tool for any professional or volunteer backcountry rescue team
Neet Kart can cary a stokes stretcher, making backcountry extraction faster, safer, and simpler for emergency responders
Neet Kart can allow a single rescue worker to move an injured person back to a safe extraction point, allowing other emergency responders to address other concerns
As seen in this mock rescue, the Neet Kart easily handles an adult victim for backcountry extraction.
Neet Kart easily traverses steep slopes and narrow trails, making backcountry rescue much easier and safer for all involved.