Neet Kart Is Your Emergency Rescue Solution

The Neet Kart collapsible game cart is a great solution for handling back country rescue and extraction!

Neet Kart as an Emergency Rescue Cart carrying a patient strapped to a bodyboard and sled

Response and recovery time is a top priority to get aid to the victim and to bring them out.

Search and Rescue using the Neet Kart as a Rescue cart in a backcountry training exercise.

There are miles of trails beyond an accessible road and to bring a victim out on a stretcher as far back as 6 miles can be very demanding and exhausting. Add the fact that rescuers often carry 40-60 lb packs.

Due to the urgency of the situation, rest stops may not be allowed.

There has been a great need for an emergency rescue carrier that is maneuverable over rough terrain while baring all the weight and being easy to manage.

Neet Kart scores high in all these benefits.

In it's storage mode neat cart can be stored in the back of an extended cab pick up or inside an emergency vehicle. And can be assembled to work in 3-5 minutes.

The Neet Kart is easy to store in most vehicles, making it ideal for back country rescue operations.

In less than two minutes you can attach the stokes stretcher or back board with a ratchet strap once tightened it's totally secure and ready for use.

Emergency Mock Rescue with Neet Kart

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