Introduction to Neetkart:

The Neet Kart is absolutely the easiest way to move game, haul backpacks, traverse rough country, go around gates, haul in rescue equipment and retrieve the injured. The Neet Kart uses are limited only by your imagination. It makes the perfect game cart or hunting cart.

Neet Kart Game Hauler carrying a Big Buck

Do you need a reliable game hauler? With proper usage this can haul incredible loads. Back packers and hikers love it for it's ability to carry large amounts of gear without the aid of motor vehicles.

The Neet Kart can easily traverse obstacles up to 16" that may be in your path without missing a step or any additional help.

The Neet Kart is a new, innovative, 2 wheel-inline, patented design which enables a person to go on narrow trails, or make your own trail, side hill or cross country with ease.

Neet Kart rolling over a large diameter log in the back country hauling a buck

The Easy Way Out...and Back

Neet Kart Game Hauler, used to haul 400 pounds of camp gear into a back country camp.

Packing in approx. 400 lbs of camp supplies and equipment 3 miles to their hunting base camp for a 2 week stay.

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Neet Kart is your Emergency Rescue solution

Neet Kart as an Emergency back country rescue Cart

A unique 2-wheel in-line concept. Neetkart is essentially a "people-powered ATV!!" As shown in photo above search and rescue can easily take a person out of remote areas.

This is our patented solution for your game/emergency hauling needs!

Patent no. 6,811,179, B2

Emergency Mock Rescue with Neet Kart

Neet Kart used in an emergency response training event

Neet Kart is a very versatile and easy to use cart concept, it can be used to pack your camping gear in and take your wild game out of the woods. It makes hiking on mountain trails a breeze as you don't have to pack a heavy backpack or on your own back. The Neet Kart is light weight, durable and can handle a heavy load with ease. It's also great for just around the home too as you can carry loads around your yard and ranch.

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